Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tides of Torture info


Get ready we will be release the ticket prices here soon for the Tides of Torture 2012. I can give you a update and let you know that when you buy your tickets it will be paying for your room aboard the cruise and your food and drinks are covered. (not liquor) you will get a $75 voucher for anything on the cruise that carnival has to offer. You will be able to party with all of our celebrities and throw your devil fists up with our bands....There will be build your own costume contest, plus celebrity poker. ( 1 or more celebrity at 13 different tables.) There will be a Zombie Ball where you can dance with the dead. Lots more to come. so if you want ticket price let us know... comment on this wall and spread the link. click the link as well. tell everyone about us. Tides of Torture is the Very First Horror-Con on sea...

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